Pancevo News in ENglish April 27th

Mayor Checked New Buses

Mayor Mrs Vesna Martinovic has checked seven used buses, which came as a donation from French Union. Seven Renault buses will improve the transport in public transport enterprise ATP, stated director Nenad Stojmenovic. The Mayor added that although the buses are old they will improve the transport.


Finishing Exams in Primary School June 23rd and 24th

Minister of education and science Zarko Obradovic has adopted the decision that the finishing exams for primary school will be on 23rd and 24th of June. The exam on mother tongue will be on June 23rd and on mathematics on June 24th.


Social Democratic League of Vojvodina Asks for Full Salaries for Mothers on Maternity Leave

Social Democratic League of Vojvodina continued its initiative for full salaries for mothers on maternity leave. Vice- president of the town committee in Pancevo stated that they will send the proposal to town assembly for next sitting and expects that the proposal will be adopted.