Pancevo News in English April 26th

Petition for Establishing REKOM

Petition for establishing REKOM, Regional Commission for Discovering Facts about war crimes and other violation of human rights on the territory of former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001, starts in Pancevo today. The first signature of support will be signed by Mayor Mrs Martinovic as well as executive director of Civil Action in Pancevo Ljiljana Spasic. The petition will be signed in 30 towns across Serbia, as well as in former republics of Yugoslavia.



Novo Selo Village: Help in Food for Kosovo

After the Easter holiday civil association Ravnogorac from Banatsko Novo Village will start the humanitarian action to gather food for Kosovo. The action is supported bz the Serbian Orthodox Church and pensioner’s association from Novi Sad. The food will be distributed through the Orthodox Church to six enclaves in Kosovo. The citizen can bring flour, cans, sugar and other food.



Cultural Centre Promotion of Pescanik

At 20.00 authors of Pescanik (Sandclock) Svetlana Lukic and Svetlana Vukovic will meet the readers at the promotion in Cultural Centre tonight. The guest on the evening will be journalist Misa Brkic, sociologist Ivan Kuzmanovic and publisher Dejan Ilic. The DVD copies about the assassination of premier Zoran Djindjic will also be distributed to the audience.