Pancevo News in English April 20th

World Day against Noise

World day against noise is marked today. Public Health Institute organized a public class on the topic of harmfulness of noise. The aim is to inform high school students on the bad influences of noise in cafes and discotheques. The lecture will show the results on the noise levels.


Mosquito Spraying Today

Biological mosquito spraying was performed in Pancevo today. The mosquitoes were sprayed from land and air. K- Stop spray was used and it is not harmful to people or animals or bees.


List of Pensioners Enrolled for Spas

In Pancevo associations and Pio fund the list of pensioners for free spa treatment was announced today. Out of 1193 applications, 245 pensioners will be sent to spas around Vojvodina, stated Milanko Tomasevic from PIO fund.


Matches of Third Round on Tennis Tournament Pecin Memorijal

Matches of the third round of 22nd Peca’s Tournament for tennis players up to 16 years are scheduled for today. The matches feature men and women singles and doubles matches. There are no players from Pancevo as they are all eliminated in the first round.