Pancevo News in English April 15th

Deputy Town Assembly President Branka Vasic Resigns

Deputy Town assembly President Branka Vasic has resigned stating personal reasons, and the new deputy town assembly Presidnt is Zora Kolarski from Democratic Party. On today’s sitting of town assembly it will also be discussed about the removal of PE Hygiene Director Jelena Novakov. She should be replaced by Vesna Parausic from Democratic Party.


Speaking Traffic Lights For Blind Persons

Traffic lights on the crossing between Zarka Zrenjanina and Vojvode Radomira Putnika Street have new sound signals. The speaking traffic lights should provide safer crossing of street to blind persons. The financial resources were provided by VIP Mobile and partly were financed from town budget.


More Train Lines of Beovoz to Belgrade Today

The number of train lines of Beovoz have been increased and there will be 16 trains going every day. The ticket price from Pancevo to Belgrade is 60 Serbian dinars and the ride should be free until the May holidays this year. This means that the level of traffic should be same as in December 2010.


Swimming: Nadja Higl Training in Banja Luka

World champion in 200 meters breaststroke swimming Nadja Higl is training in Banja Luka at the moment. She is preparing for the upcoming tour and is expected to swim at the World Championship in Shanghai. She stated that since she has won the gold medal in Rome in 2009 there has been no change in the training conditions in Serbia. I am still training in 25 meter swimming pools. This is my first week in 50 meter swimming pool and I need several months to train in it in order to prepare.