Pancevo News in English April 14th

Тown Assembly Session on April 15th

Proposals on budget revision, Decision on financing project for water supply of northern villages of Pancevo, decision on plan for Greenfield 1 eco- industrial zone and amendments on decision on transport in Pancevo will be on the agenda of town assembly session on April 15th. Investment and annual plan for radio television Pancevo will also be on agenda, as well as the proposal of decision on gender equality. The session should start at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Pancevo Dairy Sold

Pancevo Dairy was sold on Friday April 8th to Cosotrium of natural persons from Belgrade for 40 million Serbian dinars. The entire sum should be payed by April 25th. The agency for Privatisation states that the Dairy is sold and that it had been in insolvency proceedings since last year.

Security Cameras on Four Locations in Town

Video surveillance will be set on four locations in town, and the protocol on using the system was signed by mayor Mrs Martinovic and director of Building Directorate Gordana Dencic Kusljic and Police Head in pancevo Zvezdan Radojkovic. The cameras will be set near the Oil Refinery, in Brace Jovanovic street, in Kralj Petar Square and on Bavanistanski road. This is only the beginning, since it has been planned to set 30 cameras around town. The cameras will not invade privacy and will be used for purposes related to Police and Public Prosecution.

Application for Unemployed to Participate in Public Works

Unemployed persons, with secondary or university education are eligible to apply to Employment Service in Pancevo and to participate in public works in the field of social, humanitarian or cultural activities, as well as environment. 34 persons will be employed with wages from 17 600 and 22 000 Serbian dinars.