Pancevo News in English Apil18th

Several Policemen Arrested in Pancevo

Several traffic policemen were arrested during last week in Pancevo for allegedly falsifying reports on traffic accidents, we have learned from Prosecutor's Office. Some of them are still imprisoned due to possibility to influence witnesses. One of the arrested policemen has admitted everything and it is expected that investigation will soon be closed, stated the source from Prosecution. The policemen have allegedly taken money for their reports.



The Highest Average Salary in January in Pancevo

According to the data from Republic Statistics Office the highest average salary in the region was in our town 42 819 Serbian dinars. The average net salary was 34 009 dinars. This means that for average expenditure 1.58 average salaries were needed. The amount covers the new minimal expenditure, but is not sufficient for the average one.


Repairing of Karadjordjeva Street Starts

Repairing of Karadjordjeva street in starts today. The repairing should last for six months and during this time part of the street will be closed. The traffic will be directed to alternative streets Svetozara Miletica, Sveti Sava and Dimitrija Tucovica.


Protest of Napredna Party in Pancevo Tomorrow?

As a support to the Napredna party president Tomislav Nikolic, who is on strike and takes no food or water, members of his party should protest in front of the president of Serbia office today. The similar protest should be in Pancevo tomorrow in front of town building. Health condition of president Nikolic has improved with medication given to him today.