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Panecvo News in English March 8th

Association of Women in Business

Pancevo got new association for women in business. The Mayor Mrs Martinovic announced that the association should have its session soon. During the event, it was also announced that new director of Local Economic Development Agency of Pancevo will be Milan Velic, while adviser for financial matters Filip Mitrovic will no longer hold the position of the president of Economic Council. Dragan Popovic will take his place.

Teachers and Professors Continue to Strike

Education staff will not give up on strike, despite announcements from Monister Obradovic that pays will be decreased due to strike. The Ministry states that such a decision is stipulated by the Law on Strike, while education staff states the contrary. President of Association of teachers and professors in Pancevo Slobodanka Cvetkovic has reminded that classes last 30 minutes in all schools in our town, except St Sava school and Mara Mandic.


100th Anniversary of International Women Day- March 8th

Today, exactly 100 years after March 8th is declared as International Women Day. According to the latest data, women in Europe make more money than man and participate less in politics. It is estimated that women in EU make 17.8 percent less money per working hour. According to the official data of the Republic of Serbia, men in Serbia have 3.5 percent higher pays than women.


Exhibition for Women Day

International Women Day is marked around the world and Serbia today. In the town administration building at 17.00 exhibition "Female Side of Art” will be opened. Archive documents about art patron Mrs Olga Smederevac will be presented, as well as the works of thirteen female artists from Pancevo.


Pancevo News in English March 7th

Ecology Action Honoring March 8th

On Tuesday March 8th ecology action Takeout the Waste, Bring In Present will be organized. The aim of action is to help the removal of electric waste and affirm ecology container in Maksim Gorki Street. Male population should bring at least eight items of electric waste: light bulbs, batteries, broken computers or electronic equipment, and in return each person will receive a present for his lady. The organisers are: NGO Eco Green Team with the support of local self- government, BIS Recycle Centre and PE Zelenilo.



Organisation of the Blind People of Serbia in Pancevo organises sales exhibition for March 8th, on which works by its members will be displayed. This will be the opportunity for the members of the association to sell and display their work.

Easter Lent Begins Today

Christian believers begin their Easter lent, which should last until Easter. All Christian believers celebrate Easter on the same day this year- April 24th. This lent always starts on Monday, which is called the clean Monday and the week is the clean week. During lent all food should be prepared on water, and believers should refrain from bad thoughts, wishes and deeds and forgive everyone as well as do good deeds.


Exhibition of Unique Jewellery

Women’s Association from Starcevo will celebrate International Women’s day March 8th with the exhibition of unique jewellery and clothes held in that area. The exhibition will be opened from March 7th to 9th in Cultural Centre of Starcevo village


Pancevo News in English March 4th


Ham Days in Omoljica

From 4th to 6th March in Omoljica area „Ham Days“ will be held with the support of Tourist Organisation Pancevo. Humanitarian action is planned to help primary school. Mayor Mrs Vesna Martinovic will visit Omoljica on Sunday 6th March and will hand awards to the best cooks and suppliers.



Arrested for Piracy of Film „Montevideo“

Department for Fighting Hi- Tech Crime has arrested Goran Cujak from Belgrade, for suspicion of posting the link on one of the most popular forums for unauthorized copying of movie “Montevideo”, stated Ministry of the Interior. The police found a large amount of software and audio equipment in Cujak’s apartment. The accused has breached author’s rights of Intermedia Network production house and allowed viewers to see the film for free.


Mitrovic: Pancevo expects NALED Certificate

Pancevo should, in ten’s days time, get NALED certificate from National Alliance for Local Economic Development. In addition to this, local government decided to apply for USAID programme, which helps local governments become better partners to businessman, stated deputy mayor Filip Mitrovic.


Exhibition in Historical Archives in Belgrade

At 19.00 in Historical Archives in Pancevo exhibition of works by members of art association Kolorit will be opened. Works are done in batique technique by artists from Pancevo and Belgrade.


Pancevo News in English March 3rd

Action ”Recycle Your Packaging” Starts Tomorrow

Action ”Recycle Your Packaging”  starts tomorrow. This is a pilot project of gathering waste packaging from houses in town and the area. Special bags for disposal of packaging will be given to citizens by volunteers. The project was started by Public Enterprise Hygiene with Secopack, it should last for three months. The gathering of waste packaging from cafes should start on Monday.



New Scanner in Pancevo Hospital

After ten months of waiting for new scanner in Pancevo Hospital started working yesterday. It is one of the latest instruments of its kind in the country and should provide more precise and quicker patient check- ups, stated President of provincial government Bojan Pajtic. Provincial government financed the instrument with 53 million Serbian dinars. The province will continue to finance health care in the Province and our town, Pajtic added.


Winter Service- Nine Teams on Roads During Night


The roads in town and in the area are mainly wet with a lot of snow. Nine teams are in the field, five in town and four in the surrounding areas. The roads to Dolovo and Alibunar are filled with snow, brought by strong wind.


American Football: 11 Sportsman from Pancevo in State Representation

After winning the Serbian Junior League, the club of American football Pancevo Panthers continues with noted successes. Overall 11 players from this sports team will play for junior state team of Serbia. They should play preparation game with the team of Austria, states coach of Pancevo Panthers Predrag Durlic.


Pancevo News in English March 2nd

Job Fair in Army House Today

The first specialized job fair for young people through programmes of “Professional Training” and “First Chance” was held today in Army House in Pancevo, stated National Employment Agency. 23 different employers are looking for new professionals and the jobs in demand are nurses, doctors, pharmacists, pre- school teachers, lawyers, locksmiths and metal- turners.


Instruction for Projects in Culture

Town administration has organised instructions today for representatives of cultural institutions and individuals who wish to apply for financing and co- financing of cultural projects. The aim was to clarify the details of application and how to fill in the forms, which are different than previous years. The second instructions for those interested to apply  for competition is 9th March, with deadline for application 11th March.


Sugar from Reserves in Grocery Stores

3000 tones of sugar from State Reserves will be delivered to grocery stores around Serbia today for 98 Serbian dinars per kilo, stated Ministry of Trade. The sugar from reserves should be delivered to grocery stores around Serbia in the next six months in order to stabilize the market.


Basketball: Players of Tamis Vs Krusevac Napredak Team

Basketball players of Tamis are playing in Krusevac tonight in the 24th round of Serbian league. Tamis team is the fifth with 36 points, while Napredak is 12th with 32 points. The game starts at 20.00 in Krusevac.