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Pancevo News in English April 6th

Train for Free Sports Action Starts

Mayor Mrs Martinoivic and council member for sports Nikola Damjanovic have visited water polo players, swimmers and handball players while they were training as the part of the action Train for Free. During visit the Mayor handed decision on financial support for these clubs regardless of their social status. The action is aimed to encourage children to train different sports regardless of their social status, stated Mrs Martinovic.


Possible Changing of Dates of Finishing and University Enrollment Exams

The Ministry of Education will initiate the changing of dates of primary school finishing exams and university enrollment exams. Minister Obradovic stated that the initiative is launched in order to prepare the students properly since they had to make up for the classes lost during strike.


Seven Decades Since Bombing of Belgrade

Today is 70 years since the start of bombing of Belgrade and kingdom of Yugoslavia by Nazi aviation. The bombs have started to fall on April 6th. Belgrade had population of 370 000 in those days. The number of casualties has never been determined precisely.


Orthodox Church celebrates Annunciation Tomorrow

Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates Annunciation, one of the 12 biggest Christian celebrations. The celebration is dedicated to the memory of mild news- when the archangel Gabriel announced to Blesses Virgin Mary that Holy Spirit has chosen her to mother Jesus Christ. On Annunciation the seed planting of some vegetable plants starts, as well as trimming fruit trees. The day also marks the final end of winter.


Pancevo News in English April 5th

Communal Police in Pancevo from April 17th

Communal police in Pancevo should start working on April 17th and will be on all locations in town. During the first month they will work on communal order, protection of the environment, maintaining streets as well as public buildings and open spaces. Mayor Mrs Martinovic expects that fifteen communal policemen will contribute to better quality of life in town.


New Kindergarten Starts to Work in Starcevo Village

New kindergarten should start working in autumn this year, in order to enroll nearly 100 children waiting for kindergarten. Memebr of Starcevo Council Petar Andrejic stated that kindergarten will be built by Panontrade, company from Pancevo. The amount of money spent on building will be 27 million Serbian dinars. The only kindergarten in Starcevo currently attends 25 children.


Reconstruction of Provincial Government

Members of Provincial Parliament will vote on the reduction of provincial government today. The reduction will be from 17 to 12 secretariats. Seven secretariats should start working without changes, while ten will be made into five new. The new secretariats should be secretariat for commerce, agriculture, waters and forestry, finances, science and technological development, energy, sports and youth, employment and gender equality.


Pancevo News in English April 4th

Petition for Financial and Political Decentralization of Serbia

Party United Regions of Serbia started the petition in Pancevo today for financial and political decentralization of Serbia. The petition could be signed during next week. The goal is to amend the laws so that the majority of tax money go to local self- governments and to enable citizens to vote directly for Mayors and municipality presidents.


Bozic I sinovi Enterprise Receives Award for Socially Responsible Action in 2010

The National Award from Serbian Chamber of Commerce for Socially Responsible Business for 2010 in the category of small and medium sized enterprises went to enterprise from Pancevo Bozic I sinovi. They are awarded for their project for recycling. More than 1000 students from 34 primary schools in Serbia participated in the project. Their task was to present ecology and recycling through drawings, stories, animations, poems and photography.


12 Years since Death of Three Workers in Oil Refinery Plant

On this day 12 years ago, three workers from Oil refinery were killed in NATO air- raids. Their colleagues gathered early this morning in the factory to pay them tribute. They lost their lives during the first air raids of Oil Refinery in early morning on April 4th.


Removal of Bulky Waste Begins

The action of removal of bulky waste starts today. Workers of PE Hygiene will remove old furniture, packaging, car parts, wires, garden waste and all other kind of bulky waste, except building materials. The action lasts until April 29th.


Pancevo News in English April 1st

45 Minute Classes in Pancevo Schools

The classes in primary and secondary schools will normalise today, which means that classes should last for 45 minutes. The decision was adopted by Union of Teachers and Professors. This means that the strike will temporarily stop until April 20th, stated president of Association of Teachers and Professors in Pancevo Slobodanka Cvetkovic. The decision on strike will be considered once again on April 20th.


Price of Bread should not be Increased?

Bakers in Serbia will know if the price of bread should change depending on the measures of Serbian Government in order to stabilize the market, stated president of Bakers Union Zoran Pralica. The Union is waiting to see if regulation regarding the production of the most sold bread Sava, made of flour type 500, will be prolonged. The Regulation was repealed earlier.


American Football: Pancevo Panthers against Vojvoda Team

Serbian Super League in American football continues with the game between Panthers from Pancevo and Vojvoda from Novi Sad. The match should start on 15.00 on Saturday April 2nd in Sports Centre Mladost in Pancevo. In the first round of Serbian Super League Panthers from Pancevo have been defeated by Vukovi with 28:12.


April’s Fool Day around the World

April Fools’ Day is celebrated around the world today. Experts remind us that laughing therapy gives good results. This day is also celebrated as joke day. This day is marked by pranks, jokes and humour. Doctors say this is a good way to improve the quality of life and fight against grim every- day life.


Pancevo News in Engliah March 31st

45 Minute Classes in Pancevo Schools Tomorrow

Classes in primary and secondary schools in Pancevo will normalize tomorrow. The decision was adopted by Union of Teachers and Professors in Pancevo, which have decided to temporarily end the strike until April 20th, stated President of Association of Teachers and Professors of Pancevo. The managing committee of the Association has reached a decision to generally adopt the agreement between Serbian government and the unions. The next meeting is scheduled for April 20th and the decision will be made about continuing of strike.

Bozic I sinovi Enterprise among Finalists

Serbian Chamber of Commerce will give National Awards for Social Bussinesses for 2010 in the category of small and medium sized enterprises and big companies. Among the finalists in the category of small and medium sized enterprises is Bozic i sinovi enterprise from Pancevo.


Costs of Electricity Higher for 15 Percent

Electricity in Serbia will be higher for 15.1 percent, so future bills should be 6.54 Srbian dinars per kilowatt hours including taxes. Serbian Electricity included discount of 11.89 percent for households spending up to 350 kilowatt hours. The right, which increases the rational spending of electricity, will have about 1.5 million households in Serbia.


Action for Removing Waste Starts on Monday

Public enterprise Hygiene should starts its regular action on Monday April 4th. The action April- Month of Cleaning and Improving Pancevo is aimed toward removing bulky waste and should last until the end of April.