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Pancevo News in English April 15th

Deputy Town Assembly President Branka Vasic Resigns

Deputy Town assembly President Branka Vasic has resigned stating personal reasons, and the new deputy town assembly Presidnt is Zora Kolarski from Democratic Party. On today’s sitting of town assembly it will also be discussed about the removal of PE Hygiene Director Jelena Novakov. She should be replaced by Vesna Parausic from Democratic Party.


Speaking Traffic Lights For Blind Persons

Traffic lights on the crossing between Zarka Zrenjanina and Vojvode Radomira Putnika Street have new sound signals. The speaking traffic lights should provide safer crossing of street to blind persons. The financial resources were provided by VIP Mobile and partly were financed from town budget.


More Train Lines of Beovoz to Belgrade Today

The number of train lines of Beovoz have been increased and there will be 16 trains going every day. The ticket price from Pancevo to Belgrade is 60 Serbian dinars and the ride should be free until the May holidays this year. This means that the level of traffic should be same as in December 2010.


Swimming: Nadja Higl Training in Banja Luka

World champion in 200 meters breaststroke swimming Nadja Higl is training in Banja Luka at the moment. She is preparing for the upcoming tour and is expected to swim at the World Championship in Shanghai. She stated that since she has won the gold medal in Rome in 2009 there has been no change in the training conditions in Serbia. I am still training in 25 meter swimming pools. This is my first week in 50 meter swimming pool and I need several months to train in it in order to prepare.


Pancevo News in English April 14th

Тown Assembly Session on April 15th

Proposals on budget revision, Decision on financing project for water supply of northern villages of Pancevo, decision on plan for Greenfield 1 eco- industrial zone and amendments on decision on transport in Pancevo will be on the agenda of town assembly session on April 15th. Investment and annual plan for radio television Pancevo will also be on agenda, as well as the proposal of decision on gender equality. The session should start at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Pancevo Dairy Sold

Pancevo Dairy was sold on Friday April 8th to Cosotrium of natural persons from Belgrade for 40 million Serbian dinars. The entire sum should be payed by April 25th. The agency for Privatisation states that the Dairy is sold and that it had been in insolvency proceedings since last year.

Security Cameras on Four Locations in Town

Video surveillance will be set on four locations in town, and the protocol on using the system was signed by mayor Mrs Martinovic and director of Building Directorate Gordana Dencic Kusljic and Police Head in pancevo Zvezdan Radojkovic. The cameras will be set near the Oil Refinery, in Brace Jovanovic street, in Kralj Petar Square and on Bavanistanski road. This is only the beginning, since it has been planned to set 30 cameras around town. The cameras will not invade privacy and will be used for purposes related to Police and Public Prosecution.

Application for Unemployed to Participate in Public Works

Unemployed persons, with secondary or university education are eligible to apply to Employment Service in Pancevo and to participate in public works in the field of social, humanitarian or cultural activities, as well as environment. 34 persons will be employed with wages from 17 600 and 22 000 Serbian dinars.


Pancevo News in English April 13th

17 Projects for Public Works Approved

Branch of National Employment Service in Pancevo approved 17 projects for public works for social, humanitarian, cultural activities and environment, which will provide employment for 94 persons. The wages should be between 17600 and 22000 Serbian dinars per month. Unemployed persons will be hired for period of six months and priority groups are Roma people, disabled persons, refugees and internally displaces people, people older than 45 years of age and women.


Liberal Democratic Party in Pancevo Demands Explanation Regarding PE Decja Radost

Liberal Democratic Party in Pancevo demands the explanation for situation in Public Enterprise for children Decja Radost and has sent the demand to Town Assembly president Tigran Kis. They ask for forming of working body in order to examine the situation in this public enterprise that they have evidence that the enterprise was unlawfully attached. The working body should deal with irregularities regarding this enterprise.


Retail Shopping Park in Pancevo by End of May

The first retail park in Pancevo should be opened by the end of May on 30 000 square meters. The park will be built by the company from Israel Aviv Arlon. The investment is worth 28 million Euro. The customers will be able to do shopping in new way- in open space. Different boutiques, shops, cafes and entertainment sites will be situated in the shopping park. The new retail park will be in green environment with many entertaining activities, stated marketing director of Aviv Arlon in Serbia Danka Gladovic.


Pancevo News in English April 12th

Mosquito Spraying in Pancevo and Nearing Villages

Mosqito larvae will be sprayed tomorrow from 8 a.m. around the channel and ponds in Pancevo and nearing villages Jabuka, Glogonj and Kacarevo. Miva Company will perform mosquito spraying with the substance that is not harmful to people or animals, including bees.


Anniversary of Breakthrough of The Srem Front

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic today laid a wreath at the memorial complex "The Srem Front" at Adasevci near Sid, where the 66th anniversary of the break of the Srem ending the World War II in Serbia was marked with top military and state honours.The Srem front is one of the hardest and the most tragic Serbian military sites during World War II. In combat from October 1944 to April 12th 1945 around 250 000 soldiers on both sides had participated.


United Regions of Serbia: Dinkic in Pancevo

Leaders of the United Regions of Serbia mladjan Dinkic, Maja Gojkovic and Suzana Grubjesic will be in Pancevo at 16.15 in town park, where signatures for national petition for decentralising are gathered. They will also participate in public tribune later on in town administration building.


Film Pancevo Bohemia Premiers Tonight

The premiere of author film Pancevo Bohemia by Nikola Jovankic Zeleni will be held tonight at Cultural Centre in Pancevo at 19.00. The film is about the old cafes in Pancevo, stated the author, cameraman at RTV Vojvodina in Pancevo.


Pancevo News in English April 11th

PE Hygiene: Removal of Bulky Waste

Public Enterprise Hygiene announced the action April – The Month of Cleaning. Workers will remove bulky waste, such as old furniture, packaging, tires and other waste except construction shot. The removal is scheduled every day from 7 a.m. to 15.00.


Month after Major Earthquake in Japan, Another Hits Today

A month to the day of the catastrophic earthquake followed by a tsunami in Japan and the horrors after it, another earthquake hit the country again. Past month’s earthquake was the hardest to hit Japan in the last 1200 years. Nearly 15 000 people was killed, 150 000 people were left without homes and another 70 000 had to be evacuated because of the danger of radiation in Fukushima 1 nuclear plant. People in Serbia have sent their help to people in Japan. A humanitarian concert was organized in Pancevo, as well as meetings of support in Belgrade. Mayor of Pancevo Mrs Martinovic stated that she is proud that citizens of Pancevo have showed their support and humanity and participated in these actions.


Town Library “One Town One Book” Event

The event One Town One Book is starting in Pancevo today and should last until April 15th. Library in Pancevo is the only one to participate in the event, which first started in 2008 upon initiative of President of Managing Board of Library Gordana Stokic Simoncic. The aim is to popularize different books as well as reading. The chosen book for this year if “The Best Intentions” by Ingmar Bergman. The programme starts every day at 19.00.