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Pancevo News in English December 27th

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Suspects Questioned for Abuse of Drug Procurement

Judge of the Municipal Court in Pancevo questioned two remaining suspects in the case of abuse of procurement of drugs for the Public Pharmacy Facility in Pancevo, Miomir Kalabic and Miomir Nikolic. Several more witnesses are remained to be questioned from the Pharmacy Facility and Farmalogist Company in order to decide whether the charges should be brought in this case. Municipal Prosecutor Ana Borovic said that she expected the investigation to be completed by the end of February. Criminal allegation is directed towards former Deputy Mayor Dusan Mrvos, director of Belgrade company Farmalogist Miomir Nikolic and Bureau MK owner Miomir Kalabic from Pancevo for falsifying official documents and tax evasion.


Snow Blocking Roads, Difficulties with Traffic

On all roads in and around the town of Pancevo there is snow of up to 5 cm. Transport functions with difficulties and slower than usual due to slippery roads. Hygene workers are removing snow and clearing the main roads, but the problem is that snow is still falling and the effects of removing of snow are cannot be seen. The increased guard and cleaning of roads was set up during the night with the third degree of mobility for workers. The machines of Winter Service Vojvodinaput are in the filed clearing the roads, while worker of Public Enterprise Hygiene are cleaning pedestrian crossings in the town.


Pancevo Weather Forecast: Cloudy and Cold with Snow

In the Pancevo and the rest of the country cloudy and colder weather. Snow is expected during the day. Highest daily temperature will be around minus 2 degrees. On Tuesday mostly cloudy and cold weather is expected with occasional snow. From Wednesday to Friday, it will be mainly cloudy, dry, with sunny periods during the day. It will be mostly cloudy and cold for weekend with occasional snow. Low temperatures are expected in most places.


Pancevo News in English December 24th

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Increase of Local Taxes in 2011

Local administrative taxes, communal taxes, taxes for the use of construction land, storage and garage space will be increased by 5.8 percent. The members of Town Parliament will discuss the increase at the next session of the 29th Town Assembly, said Enis Agović - Hoti from Secretariat for housing and communal services. The increase of taxes will be effective from January 1st, 2011.


Christmas Eve According the Gregorian Calendar

Catholic believers, who celebrate Christmas according the Gregorian calendar are also celebrating Christmas eve tonight. With the wishes of happy Christmas to everyone and many blessings and success in the new year, Archbishop Stanislav Hocevar congratulated Christmas to those who celebrate it according to the Julian calendar as well. Orthodox believers celebrate the first day of Christmas on January 7th. Belgrade Archbishop will give service for the Christmas Eve, with the Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary in Belgrade, and will serve the Christmas Mass at the Church of Christ. On Christmas Eve and Christmas, Catholic believers traditionally come to pay tribute to the cradle of Christ in all temples.


Suicide in Pancevo Hospital

Thirty four year old DK jumped from the third floor of Pancevo Hospital yesterday at 19.00 and died immediately. The patient was hospitalised in Surgery Ward, but has jumped from the window which is located in the Urology Ward of the hospital. He died immediately from the acquired injuries. At a time when the DK has opened a window and jumped out there was no one in the hallway. Still, everyone heard a strong bang. The unfortunate man was taken to the reception, where reanimation was attempted, though unsuccessfully, " stated Hospital Director Doctor Milan Milic.


Pancevo Weather Forecast: Warm and Windy

In Pancevo and the rest of the country cloudy with sunny periods, warm and windy. Highest daily temperature will be about 17 degrees. Storms are expected during the night. Cloudy with rain and snow on Friday and Saturday. Snow at the beginning of next week as well. Warmer weather from Wednesday.


Pancevo News in English December 23rd

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First Anniversary of Radio Television Pancevo Website

On December 21st 2009, the first activity on the web address was marked by world web search tool Google. The visit to the website has started with modest 200 visits in the first days, but has increased by five times until now, with about 1000 daily visits to the web site. The highest ranking was marked on November 10th this year with 2126 visits. The largest number of news on the website is mainly local, but there the news also cover Serbia, region and the world. There are several categories economy, ecology, culture, sports. There is also information about the programme, with the announcement of certain shows. On April 20th Radio Pancevo started to air its programme through the internet stream and could be accessed anywhere in the world now, where there is streaming. During the first year TV Pancevo also launched its programme through Youtube. The website is visited from Serbia and various countries in the world: USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia, Australia and even countries of the Far East and Africa.


Town Council Adopted 2011 Action Plan of Directorate for Building

Directorate for Building in Pancevo plans to build and maintain the premises of communal infrastructure and the roads for about 2 billion and 380 million Serbian dinars. Town Council adopted the plan last night, but the final decision should be adopted on the next session of town parliament.


Winter Break in Schools in Vojvodina Province Starts Tomorrow

The winter holidays in primary and secondary school in Vojvodina should start tomorrow and should last until January 17th. During winter break the buses of Public Transport Company in Pancevo will have the same time schedule for bus lines in town area, but lower number of departures for other towns and villages is expected.

Pažnja, otvara u novom prozoru.


Pancevo Weather Forecast: Warm, Windy and Cloudy

In Pancevo and the rest of the country mildly cloudy, warm and windy weather. The highest daily temperature around 16 degrees Celsius. On Friday and Saturday cloudy with rain and on Sunday cold with snow. Warmer weather after Wednesday.



Pancevo News in English December 22nd

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Smart Service Soon in Public Transport Buses in Pancevo

People in Pancevo by the end of January should be able to check the information on quality of air, temperature, as well as the time of departure of the next bus through internet and text messages. The so- called Smart Service will be built in the town buses. The service is the donation of Telekom Serbia and Ericsson Company and the representatives of these companies have signed the agreement with Pancevo Mayoress Mrs Martinovic today. Mrs Martinovic stated that this is the chance for the citizens of Pancevo to check the quality of air in town.


Radio Pancevo Joins Protests of Café Owners

Radio Pancevo has joined the protest of café owners today by not emitting music from 12.00 to 13.00. The reason for the protest is very high fees demanded by SOKOJ and OFPS regarding the author’s rights. Even though everyone agrees that these fees are to be charged, but the prices are too high for café and restaurant owners in Serbia. The fees are from 3000 to 150 000 Serbian dinars per month depending on the number of square meters, chairs etc. A large number of cafes throughout Serbia have joined the protest today demanding lower fees.


Basketball Club Tamis Celebrating 18th Birthday

Basketball Club Tamis celebrates 18th birthday today. The name of the club, upon its funding in 1992 was Agropan. The name change came in 2000, when the rise of the club starts. The club went from its rank to a higher one each year. Club Tamis had the biggest success last year when it played in the Superleague with the clubs such as Partizan, Hemofarm and Red Star (Crvena Zvezda).


Pancevo Weather Forecast: Sunny and Warm for Winter

In Pancevo and the rest of the country mainly sunny and relatively mild weather. The highest daily temperature around 14 degrees Celisius. Warm weather is expected until Friday and during next week as well.


Pancevo News in English December 21st


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Pensioners Farmers and Private Entrepreneurs to Get 5000 Dinar Bonus

The payment of short- term help of 5000 Serbian dinars from the Government of Serbia for farmers and independent entrepreneurs, who worked abroad during their working life should start today, Republic Pension Fund announced. Pensioner farmers should receive the second part of their regular November pensions as well. All pensioners with the pensions lower than 30000 Serbian dinar are eligible for 5000 dinars bonus.


The Exhibition of New Year’s Arrangements in Tourist Organization of Pancevo

Tourist Organization of Pancevo is celebrating New Year and Christmas with exhibition on which flower arrangements are sold. The exhibition lasts until December 31st and the visitors could buy flower arrangements made in the Flower Workshop, stated Director of TOP Zorana Vladu for Radio Pancevo.


Christmas Concert of Romanian Music

In order to improve their knowledge with other cultures and increase intercultural dialogue, Center "In Medias Res” and Civil Organization “Lets Meet” are organizing a Christmas concert of Romanian music. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 23rd at 18.00. in Pancevo Cultural Centre. The orchestra will be conducted by Petru Balteanu.


Pancevo Weather Forecast: Cloudy, Dry and Warmer

In Pancevo and the rest of the country partly cloudy, dry and warmer weather. The highest daily temperature around 10 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday and Thursday the highest daily temperature between 10 and 15 degrees Celisus. Cloudy and cold weather for weekend, with rain and snow. At the beginning of next week warmer weather is expected.