Pancevo News in English January 18th

General Strike of Teachers and Professors

Representative education unions have announced today that from January 28th, they should start general strike. It is expected that  around 1500 will participate in the strike. The striking committees of Union of employees in Education in Serbia, Union of Education Staff and Union Independence have adopted the decision on general strike on January 28th.

Petroremont Factory after a Year of Striking in Same Place

A year after of striking in Petroremont Factory have brought nothing to the workers after several talks and promises from the Ministry of Economy and Serbiagas. The owner Dusan Stupar offered social programme, which is an offence for dignity and makes them second- rate citizens, stated independent Company union.


Competition for Master Studies in Great Britain


Competition for professional trainging of students on Master courses in Great Britain, financed by town administration and supported by British Counci, is opened until March 1st.This is the second year that town finances this kind of programme, stated Deputy Major Filip mitrovic. Our citizens Marko Milanovic and Nebojsa Markovic are already on master studies in Britain in the area of environment and sustainable development, while this year the students will be educated in the economy and business and local self- government  domain. Application for competition can be found at and

Today is Winter Feast of the Cross

Serbian Orthodox church and its believers mark winter Feast of Cross in the memory of the day when John the Baptist christened Jesus Christ in the river of Jordan. The day commemorates the cross used in the crucifixion of Jesus.  According to church ceremony, the cross is put in the water today and if the water freezes, the year should be fertile. Summer Feast of the Cross is on September 27th.